Coliving software platform

A digital platform to upgrade your coliving experience.

A community mobile app for your coliving residents. From events, to services, perks to concierge - we've got it covered.

A digital platform to connect your coliving community

District’s coliving platform is a great way to build on your vibrant coliving experience through a digital layer. The coliving mobile app is a perfect place to hold exclusive member events, relevant news & articles, services, perks and more - that your members can access at their fingertips.

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Coliving App Software

Your coliving members can discover and join events that they love

Members can browse and join events and see who else has signed up. From yoga to summer socials, meetups, hangouts - you name it. Once joined, members can easily add the event to their calendar so they’ll never miss out.

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Go the extra mile with perks that your coliving members can discover in the app

Your members can easily discover perks in-app, from discounts to freebies. What better way to drive loyalty and engagement than great perks and services that your community will love. Through the analytics dashboard you can also tap into insights to understand the most popular and least popular discounts so you can provide more of what they love.

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Co-living Software Platform

A platform where members can connect

With the members directory, coliving members can search for fellow residents in the app and start a conversation with instant messaging. Of course, that might not be everyone’s cup of tea - users can easily switch their profile to private so they can benefit from all of the other benefits of the app but without being discoverable.

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Communication is key

Keep your coliving community informed and engaged through relevant articles, guides and push notifications. Whether it be the latest Covid-19 safety update or news about an exciting new restaurant opening nearby, the app is the place your members will go for updates and news.

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Virtual concierge

Your members can send a message, call or even send an instant message to the concierge and get the answers they need quickly and efficiently. Talk about service!

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Understand what your members really want and adapt experiences to match

Through the analytics dashboard you can monitor usage of the app, giving you a deeper insight into your customer. Are they engaging with certain articles but not with others? Is a particular event always fully booked? Tapping into this data allows you to iterate experiences allowing you to give members what they really want.

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Coliving Application Software

Integrate with smart building technology

From providing your members a digital key through to smart lighting and optimised HVAC, integrate with your chosen solutions easily to provide a frictionless experience for your coliving members.

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Payments made easy

If you offer services that are chargeable - no problem! That can all be done in the app. Paying for dry cleaning services, premium events or other add-ons can all be done efficiently in-app.

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Districts coliving application software

To unlock all of the above, we offer two products for you to choose from.

Plug & Play

The Plug & Play app offers a simple out-of-the-box solution for your building that can be launched within days. You can personalise and edit content and images within the District Tech app and choose from an extensive feature list to suit your requirements.

Fully branded

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology. Choose from an extensive feature list and select applicable integrations on-demand. A fully white-labelled experience.

Understanding the key aspects of the modern tenant experience is fundamental to an engaging coworking software platform

Today, you’ll struggle to hear the words ‘commercial real estate’ without hearing ‘coworking’. In the last few years, coworking and the rise of flexible space have redefined commercial real estate.

Unlike traditional CRE, coworking members have the flexibility to move on with as little as a month’s notice, so experience is fundamental in reducing turnover. A tenant experience app gives you the tools to deliver a seamless building experience at your customers’ fingertips, allowing you to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. And, with the ability to integrate with smart building solutions, you could even charge a premium rate due to the added value your product and building offers over others.

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