Covid-Secure Workplace App

Optimise your workspace with our re-entry features.

A workplace experience platform that can help you make the workplace Covid-secure. Help to ease employees' and tenants' concerns about returning to their offices and shared spaces post-Covid 19.

Keep your community informed with news, guides and push notifications

From news articles and announcements to guides, our platform holds everything in one place. Your community can be kept in the loop about important health & safety information and can easily access the latest updates about your company.With the push notification functionality, you can send a short message that your community will receive immediately. From important health & safety announcements to thoughtful wellbeing initiatives.

Health check-ins to enable a safer work environment

Health checks on building entry allow you to provide the safest workplace that you can. Once checked in, they’re informed of the key safety tips to be aware of and the current building capacity. They can then click to view the least crowded area to work. On failure of a health check, they’re informed to work from home for the next 14 days and can contact the concierge services for further advice or assistance.

Heatmapping that allows users to find a quiet spot to work

Upon a successful health check-in, users can then view a floor map and choose an area to sit in the least crowded area. Helping to ease the anxiety of those returning to work and showing that you are enabling social distancing in the workplace. The heatmapping identifies where people are sitting or gathering, and identifies the quieter areas so users can make a selection on where to sit.

Manage seating and floor plans and allow users to book desks

Your community can easily select and book a desk for the days they want to work from the office. Through the backend dashboard, you can manage the space and keep an eye on occupancy levels. You can use this insight to aid with cleaning schedules, to ensure empty desks are cleaned between sessions.

Contactless meeting room bookings

Users can view available spaces and book seamlessly and safely from anywhere. You can limit the maximum capacity of the meeting rooms, making them Covid-secure by allowing your community to foster social distancing measures even in a meeting. Payments for rooms can also be made through the app.

Contactless concierge services

With the contactless concierge service, your community can message front of house and other services via our chat functionality. Users get the answers they need without face-to-face contact, and whether they’re on-site or working from home that day.

User profiles that highlight the status of their health checks

In the user profile section, users can see their profile details, events they’ve joined and the status of their latest health check. If a recent health check has failed, they will be able to see when they’re able to check-in again in the user profile section. It's recommended that people self-isolate if they or someone they live with have Covid-19 symptoms.

Keep your community engaged

Engagement is key to driving loyalty. Offer virtual events like yoga and guided meditations that your community can attend from the comfort of their own homes or dedicated in-house wellness rooms.Encourage collaboration through the community search functionality. Users can search for others on the app based on name, job title or skill.

Contactless building access

Through integrating with HiD, you can offer your community safe and contactless access into the building with the swipe of their mobile phone.

Insights giving you a snapshot into user activity

The analytics dashboard gives you insight into user activity and engagement. You also get visibility of the status of health checks and desk bookings giving you a wealth of insight that you can use to improve experiences.

Get feedback from users with surveys and polls

With the survey functionality you can send your community a push notification asking them to complete a survey. Get feedback on aspects of the app or their experience in the workplace and use the insights to improve.

Districts Covid-secure workplace application

To unlock all of the above, we offer two products for you to choose from.

Disclaimer: Some of the mockups on this page are currently being developed by our tech team and therefore the final product may vary slightly to the design featured.

Plug & Play

The Plug & Play app offers a simple out-of-the-box solution for your building that can be launched within days. You can personalise and edit content and images within the District Tech app and choose from an extensive feature list to suit your requirements.

Fully branded

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology. Choose from an extensive feature list and select applicable integrations on-demand. A fully white-labelled experience.

How can an employee experience app can aid workplace re-entry?

The aftermath of Covid-19 will impact attitudes to work forever. Now, with offices beginning to reopen, a new focus is on workplace safety and keeping employees engaged when they’re working remotely. An employee experience app can aid workplace re-entry by keeping employees informed, engaged and even help to keep them safe.


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