Tenant experience app

Engage and retain tenants with our tenant experience software

Increase retention and add value to your assets without disruption using our tenant experience app.

Tenant Experience Platform

Create loyalty and trust with your tenants

In today’s competitive market, tenants want more than just space. Giving tenants a digital platform where they can access the building's best features at their fingertips, discover community events and engage with other tenants puts you miles ahead of competitors in tenant experience, providing a culture tenants will love.

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Occupant Experience Software

Provide a frictionless experience

Minimise pain points by streamlining booking and payments. No need for queuing at reception or endless email chains, tenants can book and pay for meeting rooms and services in a few clicks, on or off-site. Building managers save time on administrative tasks and can focus on attracting and retaining tenants.

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Tenant Experience Software

Make payments simple and monetise on premium services

Invoice tenants directly in the app and provide add-on services that your tenants can pay for directly like laundry services, car parking and premium events. Tenants can pay effortlessly through the app and can monitor their payments giving them full visibility.

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Increase asset value with minimal disruption

Attract and retain the best tenants, keep occupancy high and charge a premium rental value for the improved service you provide will ultimately increase the value of your portfolio.

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Occupant Experience Software

Provide experiences your tenants really want

Tap into your tenants’ app usage to gain a deeper understanding of their interests. Be service-led, iterating experiences, services and content that your community want.

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Integrate with smart building technology

Provide tenants with a digital key or utilise occupancy sensors to optimise lighting and HVAC settings to reduce energy consumption. Integrate with your third-party software to increase efficiencies in your building and provide a frictionless experience for users.

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Covid-Secure Workplace App

Are your workplaces ready for re-entry?

Help to ease tenants' concerns about returning to their offices and shared spaces post-Covid 19 with our brand new functionalities that can help you make your spaces Covid-secure. From health checks, to desk bookings and heatmapping - we've got it covered.

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Districts tenant experience platform

To unlock all of the above, we offer two products for you to choose from.

Plug & Play

The Plug & Play app offers a simple out-of-the-box solution for your building that can be launched within days. You can personalise and edit content and images within the District Tech app and choose from an extensive feature list to suit your requirements.

Fully branded

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology. Choose from an extensive feature list and select applicable integrations on-demand. A fully white-labelled experience.

What is tenant experience?

Today, the expectations of the modern tenant and trends in commercial real estate are driving an improved attitude towards tenant experience. The way people work, live and play is changing. Landlords have understood this and are adapting their offerings to reflect it.


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