Corporate wellness app platform

Supercharge your corporate wellness strategy with a branded company app.

Promote wellbeing and increase employee engagement and productivity.

Corporate Wellness Platform

A platform for your health and wellbeing events and content

Employees can view and book wellbeing events through the app and can give a feedback rating after, so you can continuously improve. Push notifications can be sent to employees as a reminder of an upcoming event.

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Simplify tasks and provide your company features on one corporate wellness platform

Employees can book meeting rooms in a few clicks, and view on-site and nearby amenities. They can chat instantly to the concierge and even access the building with one touch. These thoughtful features make employees feel valued and increase engagement.

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Corporate Wellness Software

Keep your employees informed

Upgrade your internal communication strategy by putting the latest company news on the corporate wellness app. Send employees push notifications to alert them of important updates and keep them engaged with company articles.

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Make your employees feel valued

Offer discounts and promotions through the app to nearby amenities such as a discount to join the nearby gym or half-price smoothies on Monday’s.

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Corporate Wellness Application

Encourage collaboration

Through the company directory employees can search for people based on particular skills, promoting collaboration and community within the workplace.

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Understand what your employees really want and adapt experiences to match

Through the analytics dashboard you can monitor usage of the app, giving you a deeper insight into employee engagement. Are they engaging with certain articles but not with others? Is a particular event always fully booked? Tapping into this data allows you to iterate experiences allowing you to provide the very best employee wellness strategy.

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Integrate with third-party HR technology

Integrate with your existing HR software to provide a truly frictionless one platform approach that reduces additional admin for employees.

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Covid-Secure Workplace App

Optimise your workspace for the 'new normal' in the wake of Covid-19

Our brand new functionalities can help you make the workplace Covid-secure. Help to ease employees' concerns about returning to the office, keep them informed with news and notifications and offer virtual events to keep them engaged.From health checks, to desk bookings and heatmapping - we've got it covered.

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Districts corporate wellness software

To unlock all of the above, we offer two products for you to choose from.

Plug & Play

The Plug & Play app offers a simple out-of-the-box solution for your building that can be launched within days. You can personalise and edit content and images within the District Tech app and choose from an extensive feature list to suit your requirements.

Fully branded

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology. Choose from an extensive feature list and select applicable integrations on-demand. A fully white-labelled experience.

Community.A key part to your corporate wellness application.

Building a sense of community in the workplace is fundamental to attracting and retaining the very best talent and increasing employee engagement. Small companies through to corporate giants are more than familiar with the bugbear of good employees leaving prematurely and the impact it can have on the business.

A workplace wellness strategy is a great way to reduce employee turnover and increase productivity levels. The cost of poor mental health costs UK employers £33bn–£42bn each year, made up of absence costs, presenteeism and turnover costs. You could consider implementing on-site fitness programmes and nominate mental health first aiders as part of your focus and dedication to healthy and happy employees.

So, what can you do to build a great company culture, foster wellness and increase productivity?

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