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Provide an excellent service to members with a coworking app.

Provide an excellent service to your members with a branded coworking app platform. A digital layer to your business that offers everything your members require, conveniently accessible from anywhere on their mobile phone.

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Upgrade your service offering fit for the world of hybrid working

The shift to hybrid working provides a set of opportunities and threats to coworking providers. Embrace the shift rather than fight it and consider what workplace tools, services and amenities you can implement to provide a solution fit for the world of hybrid working and your coworking members’ lifestyles. Workers ultimately want flexibility and choice, so a coworking platform still has a place in this new way of working, but providers must think past purely space for rent and provide a holistic platform of services and amenities to engage their coworking members and drive long-lasting loyalty. That’s where we come in. With our affordable platform you can build a digital layer to your workspaces with services and events accessible through the app, from anywhere. Plus, with our Covid-secure features your members will feel safe and confident to return.

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Coworking App Software

Communicate your brand and build a buzzing coworking community

Your brand designs and communication should all be cohesive. A branded coworking software platform allows you to reinforce your brand message and the utilisation of professional technology showcases the quality of your coworking brand. Set an amazing first impression to new members and stay front of mind with your current members with custom colours and fonts, your company logo, and your very own unique app in the App Store. The appeal of coworking is the sense of community. (Read more about Coworking Apps). The platform allows you to build a sense of community at every touch point, through your curated news feed on the homepage to the members directory where users can search and interact with others. Your admins can easily add new articles, events, digital services and perks giving your coworking members a reason to check back and see what’s happening on a regular basis. The multi-faceted benefits of the app will suit your diverse members, whether they’re using a flexible workspace, private offices, coworking, virtual coworking or even remote working, they can tap into the app and feel a part of the buzzing coworking culture from anywhere.

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Take secure payments and bookings

Make your coworking space a seamless experience by making it easy for your members to access and pay for your services. With our platform you can upgrade your facilities by making it possible to book meeting rooms and spaces, view and book on-site amenities and pay for services & events at the touch of a button. Our seamless space management software and payment system makes it easy to implement enticing upgrades and add-on services making it simpler to monetise your business. Coworkers can access their billing and invoicing information in the app at any time securely, so they can check where they’re at and if there’s any outstanding payments to be made.

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Co-working Software Platform

Virtual coworking concierge and support

Offer your coworking members an exceptional service by providing them with a virtual concierge service directly in the app. Questions can be answered by your team simply and efficiently via instant messaging reducing the irritation of waiting days for a response from an email. Awesome stuff, right! Members can also ask for technical support regarding the app itself. All of the technical queries get directed straight to us so we can help your members with more technical queries regarding the technology and how to use it.

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Real-time reporting

Empower your decision-making through real-time data and actionable insights through DIstrict’s Insight Explorer. The dashboard allows you to monitor usage and engagement of the platform giving you a deeper insight into your coworking members. Are they engaging with certain articles but not with others? Is a particular event always fully booked? Tapping into this data allows you to iterate and improve experiences allowing you to give members what they really want.

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Coworking Application Software

Integrate with smart building technology

From providing your members a digital key through to smart lighting and optimised HVAC, integrate with your chosen solutions to increase efficiencies in your building and provide a frictionless experience for users through one easy-to-use coworking platform.

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Engage coworkers that are working remotely

Add a digital layer that engages coworkers whether they're on or off-site.

Hybrid working is the new normal. Coworking space providers will need to get to grips with that and offer an added layer to their support and service for this new way of work. So, whether your coworkers are on or off-site, a coworking platform will be key to driving loyalty.

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Dedicated support

From onboarding to training, we ensure you have the knowledge and tools to get the very best out of the platform. We assign you with a dedicated customer success manager to provide you with ongoing support and assist with any questions or queries you may have. Whatever you need, our team is here to support you. We can even help with custom developments and integrations if you require them.

Districts coworking application software

To unlock all of the above, we offer two products for you to choose from.

Plug & Play

The Plug & Play app offers a simple out-of-the-box solution for your building that can be launched within days. You can personalise and edit content and images within the District Tech app and choose from an extensive feature list to suit your requirements.

Fully branded

Further your brand through your very own custom-branded app powered by our proprietary backend technology. Choose from an extensive feature list and select applicable integrations on-demand. A fully white-labelled experience.

Understanding the key aspects of the modern tenant experience is fundamental to an engaging coworking software platform

Today, you’ll struggle to hear the words ‘commercial real estate’ without hearing ‘coworking’. In the last few years, coworking and the rise of flexible space have redefined commercial real estate.

Unlike traditional CRE, coworking members have the flexibility to move on from their workspace with as little as a month’s notice, so experience is fundamental in reducing turnover. A tenant experience app gives you the tools to deliver a seamless building experience at your customers’ fingertips, allowing you to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. And, with the ability to integrate with smart building solutions, you could even charge a premium rate due to the added value your product and building offers over others.The trend towards hybrid working has been accelerated dramatically as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, so implementing coworking technology to facilitate the shift to distributed working will be key to offering your coworking members the tools and services they require in their shifted attitudes to work. Providing a flexible toolkit of workplace offerings that goes far beyond four walls and some desks will give coworking members facilities at their disposal, giving them an advanced experience on when and where they work - whether they're on-site or working remotely.

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