Meet the team.

District Technologies was founded in 2017 by Lee Vanessa Butz. Our team is a close-knit group of 20, based out of London, Lisbon and New York. We are a diverse team of passionate technologists, entrepreneurs, growth hackers and real estate experts that has a strong track record in real estate, technology, and scaling digital products. We are all comfortable working in the open, collaboratively and are happy to challenge the status quo with each other, to ensure our product is the best and most technologically advanced on the market that is beautifully simple to use and delivers real value.

Our people


Lee Vanessa Butz

Lee is passionate about shaping the future of cities to improve everyone’s work and life experience. Having studied Engineering, Economics and Management at Oxford University, they wrote their masters thesis on “Understanding the DNA of Strong Entrepreneurial Hubs” and took their theory into practice by building large technology and coworking campuses (Factory Berlin and Interchange Camden, Market-Tech). Working at the intersection of cities and technology, they have now founded District.


Sadie Stanton

Sadie has joined District after recently graduating from a masters in film. Sadie has a keen interest in digital marketing a brand management, and even dabbled in setting up a small marketing agency after graduating from university. Sadie has now joined the team to help grow our client base and to spread the word of District!


Hannah Lloyd-Jones

After completing a Masters in Business & Management, Hannah went straight into the property sector, gaining experience in both residential and commercial property before joining District. She’s passionate about all things marketing and loves to get stuck into a bit of content writing. Hannah can usually be found cycling around Hackney or binging on a Netflix docuseries.


João Ferrão

João is a passionate UI / UX Designer and creative problem solver, with a particular taste for psychology and a huge love for people, photography and arts. His focus is on delivering usable and desirable digital products and services.

Headshot of Helio


Helio Nogueira

Helio has always been fascinated with technology. He’s spent the last ten years working in tech and has a plethora of education including a postgraduate course on Architecture of Technology Solutions. Helio is skilled in web and mobile development, cloud architecture and DevOps. Outside of work, Helio loves to play guitar, sing, and travel the world.


Ameen Bharuchi

Ameen recently graduated from Queen Mary University in BSc Computer Science and joined the team to gain professional work experience. Ameen has a passion for application development and both the front end and back end. When he’s not at work he can be found travelling around the country to watch Arsenal’s away games (he’s a devoted lifelong fan!) or travelling the world.


Daniel Puschmann

Daniel has a PhD in Computer Science, his research focused on developing methodologies to extract information from heterogeneous IoT data streams. He joined District to lead the evolution of the data infrastructure, build out the data science function and make actionable insights available for customers. Apart from his love for smart cities and the Internet of Things, Daniel likes to spend his Sundays playing board games and cooking.


Ethan Shaw

After completing various IT course and with a passion for gaming technology, Ethan has joined District. A career in technology is something Ethan always wanted to do, and computers and tech have always been a big part of his life (our very own lead developer is Ethan’s stepdad). Ethan has an eye for spotting issues and bugs in the development phase and is helping District to deliver quality tech that has been tested with a fine-tooth comb.


Pete Hallett

Pete is an enthusiastic open source technologist with a track record in delivering products across a number of platforms and industries. His passions lay in building expert “can do” teams that can turn complexity into simplicity to deliver user centric products and stakeholders business value. Pete has founded and scaled start-ups developing class-leading user centered products specialising in mobile, data, IoT, access control and mapping. Most recently he has focused on what a future city needs from a GovTech perspective, bringing the users closer to the physical assets of a city by meeting user needs with well organised data, technology and experiences.


Kay Macayza-Sandford

Kay is passionate about ensuring customers have the best experience throughout the customer journey, from onboarding through to renewal. She has been honing her craft in customer success for the last 15 years in telecoms and cyber security in both the US and UK. On the weekends Kay can be found on the hunt for the best Mexican restaurant in London, spending time with her family or on Facetime to relatives from her hometown in Queens, New York.


Sergiu Calin

Sergiu spent five years in marketing before moving on to managing banking and telecom products before joining District. Sergiu is fascinated by the opportunities that a digital layer brings to the plain geography of spaces. He is happiest hopping around mountains – and in his words “The rainier and the muddier, the better.”


Shane Meiring

Shane joins us fresh faced and eager to please after 14 months travelling Southeast Asia. With 10 years experience as a Training and Development Manager, he excels at building, training and developing exceptional teams in periods of startup and growth. His passion for customer success and previous experience in onboarding makes him the ideal fit for the role of CSM. Outside of our four walls, Shane is a budding writer of short fiction and can be found in a theatre near you.


David Winokurow

Having studied, volunteered, and worked abroad, David has gained a global and open-minded view point in business, which helps him think beyond borders and allows him to work with people from different backgrounds. David has an infectious energy and a positive attitude and has a proven track record delivering high quality work in competitive environments on short notice.

Headshot of Felipe


Felipe Frederico

Felipe has almost ten years experience as a software engineer. Since working at District, Felipe has worked on projects using Microservices architecture, Java Springboot, AWS, Semantic Web, Open Data, Machine Learning and Big Data approaches. Felipe is a PhD Student at Universidade Lusófona in Computer Science with research in Pervasive Systems and Linked Open Data. Based at our Lisbon office, Felipe makes the most of it by spending weekends surfing.


Justin Haylock

Justin has over 20 years experience in web, mobile and desktop development, for a range of industries. He’s spent the last 5 years working for government in consultancy and development roles, managing teams and projects, and designing new innovative technology solutions to help people.


Stephanie Senoner

After studying psychology and business in Innsbruck, Austria, Steph started her career as a project manager – but decided to take a bold move and become a developer. She upped sticks and went to Barcelona to complete the Ironhack Bootcamp, and has never looked back. While working as full stack developer she focussed on improving her skills in both back and front end, and now focuses on UI/UX development for District. Outside work she also teaches girls how to code at universities and companies to share her passion for technology. When she’s not coding in her spare time she loves drawing, writing and exploring the great outdoors.

Headshot of Diogo


Diogo Moto

Diogo is a passionate Software Engineer who loves problem solving, technology and its integration with everyday life. His focus is to deliver elegant solutions to problems and the best user experience possible.
He is also an enthusiastic motorcycle rider, traveller and gamer.

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