How a workplace experience platform can aid employee wellbeing

Technology can be utilised to aid employee wellbeing in many ways. Through automation, stressful and timely tasks can be taken off employees’ hands so they have more time to spend doing more rewarding tasks within their roles. There are a growing number of tools available such as chatbots and voice assistants, giving people the opportunity to seek advice without the fear or embarrassment that people can feel about opening up to another person. Technology such as video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts allows employees the flexibility to work remotely, giving them a better work/life balance. And, as anxieties are high around returning to workplaces after lockdown, technology can be used to aid workplace re-entry and reduce the fear of returning to offices. 

District Technologies is a workplace experience platform that can be used to engage your employees and increase wellness through communication, events and smart building technology. 

Here are our top tips for using the platform for wellness initiatives.


The events feature allows you to publish events that employees can join. From yoga to guided meditation, your calendar of events can be accessible for employees to browse and sign up to easily in-app.


Posting news and articles in the app allows you to share communications with employees, such as wellness tips or how to get in touch with a mental health champion at work.

Push notifications

Particularly for staff that are working remotely, simply sending a push notification with a quote of the day or a company-related update can help them feel less isolated.

Concierge chat

The concierge chat feature can be used to offer an instant chat line specifically for mental health or wellness. You could offer front of house support, as well as a specific Covid chat or direct access to a mental health champion! Offering those services means employees can reach out easily, whether they’re working from home or at the office and get the support they need.

Health checks

Not only is the health check functionality for returning to the workplace safely a great tool for aiding your operations, it also shows employees the lengths you are going to, to ensure their safety at work. Health checks on entry that can be done in-app highlight that you’re doing your utmost to keep the workplace safe and mitigate the risk of coming into contact with someone with Covid-19.

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Perks and discounts

Offering perks and discounts in-app is another great way to increase employee wellbeing and satisfaction. You could partner with brands that aid wellbeing like offering a discount on a massage or spa day.


The community section allows users to connect with other employees, allowing them to network and interact with likeminded colleagues. Users can search by name, or even by skill or job title to find exactly who they’re looking for. >> Read about our Employee Experience Platform.

Download our Workplace Wellness E-Guide to find out more about our workplace experience platform and to get tips on how to provide support for employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

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