Integrations made simple for optimised tenant experience

Have existing software or want to combine multiple technologies but don’t know if it’s possible? District Tech has published APIs and encourages collaboration with other technology providers, making integrations simple. 

Justin Haylock, Lead Developer at District said: “Quite often businesses can be put off by the idea of a workplace app because they presume that it won’t be possible to integrate with their existing applications – or at least that it’ll be too complicated. Potential clients are often surprised when they speak with us, to discover that they’re not restricted as they first thought.”

District has integrated with a variety of platforms, with each requiring a particular type of approach to facilitate their integration for the best user experience; from iFrames to native integrations. Here’s a snapshot of some of the recent integrations we have done for our clients, from live transport times to online payments.


An iFrame integration allows us to embed content from a website or platform onto our app. An iFrame is a straightforward solution that can connect content from various sources on one platform. To make it even simpler, District has created cross-platform user authentication, sharing user data, meaning the user does not have to register or sign up on more than one platform. District utilises extremely safe tried and tested encryptions for optimal data security.

Here are the recent integrations we’ve made possible through iFrames:


Refresh offers a variety of classes for tenants and employees, from Nutrition Coaching to Lunch & Learns, Kickboxing, Yoga, which are all available to book through their mobile platform. By integrating with Refresh, our client was able to provide all of the benefits and events that Refresh offers but without having to leave their own branded app. 

Errand Solutions

Errand Solutions is a digital concierge platform, connecting employees with the services they need, from dry cleaning to salon and spa services. Our integration with Errand allows users to access the benefits without having to launch a separate app, making it frictionless.

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Inspiring Benefits

Inspiring Benefits is a wellbeing and loyalty platform that offers a variety of discounts and rewards for employees. Our integration allowed one of our clients to streamline their offering by providing the perks offered by Inspiring Benefits without having to leave their workplace app powered by District. 


With a deeplink integration, we are able to direct the user to a specific piece of content within another app, such as a contact or booking form. 

Here are the recent integrations we’ve made possible through deeplinks:


Imbric is a transport application, providing access to various modes of transport that are all visible on one map, from taxis to public transport. Through our deeplink integration, users get directed seamlessly to a page within Imbric’s app where they are prompted to create an account if they don’t already have one. Once they have an account, they will easily be able to access Imbric’s functionalities – meaning they can plan their journey from there.

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Native integrations

Some applications require a much more in-depth integration that requires native code written for both android and IOS. To provide the best service we can to our clients, our developers utilise React Native, a framework that allows them to write the code in a much more efficient way.

Here are the recent integrations we’ve made possible through native integrations:


HiD is a leading provider of identity and access control that allows users to enter the building or office with an access key on their mobile phone. Users simply tap or twist their phone near the reader for the door to unlock.


Waltz is another access control application that allows tenants and guests to access the building or office digitally, without the use of an access card or key.

API integrations

To connect services such as payments, District has done full integrations within the app. This requires specific coding that talks to the third party’s API. API stands for Application Programmers Interface and it defines how software components interact with each other.

Here are the recent integrations we’ve made possible through API integrations:


Stripe is a platform for online payments. By integrating with Stripe, users can pay for events and services within District’s app, either by card or Apple Pay. Users can seamlessly pay for services without being directed to a separate platform or having to create an account with Stripe.


Ticketer provides real-time live transport information so that users can plan their journeys efficiently, seeing exactly how many minutes the next bus or train will be.

District Tech is a leading provider in tenant experience software, offering both plug & play and completely white-labelled apps. Companies including Blackstone, LaSalle, Cushman & Wakefield, Investec and WPP have partnered with District Tech in their efforts to provide what modern tenants and employees desire.

We optimise tenant and employee experiences and provide a one platform approach for happy and more engaged communities. Get in touch to discuss an integration or to find out more about District.

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