Launch simple workplace technology for happy, informed and engaged communities

It’s more important than ever to utilise workplace technology to inform and engage your community and increase wellness.

Attitudes to work will likely be changed forever, with companies offering more flexibility to their employees. Therefore, now’s the time to start investing in a tech-enabled engagement strategy that puts employees and tenants first.

A workplace experience app can be utilised as a digital layer for office buildings, and for companies to upgrade their internal communications. Wherever users are based, it provides a hub at their fingertips, a communication tool to increase wellness and keep them in the loop of the important information they want to know.

Here are some tips below on how you can engage the ever-changing dynamic of your community through a tenant experience app.


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Virtual events

Let your community browse and book virtual events directly through the app. From online quizzes to live yoga sessions, keep them engaged whether they’re on or off-site. Plus, through events feedback, you can get the feedback you need from users to adapt and iterate experiences. 

Real-time notifications

Forget boring emails that nobody reads. To really engage your community, send important announcements through the push notification functionality direct to their mobile phone. 


With the platform, you can curate and upload unique content, from company news to related or interesting information. There’s also a section for specific building or company information where you can put building guides, maps and other information.

News pagebuilding guide

Community directory

Users feel part of a larger community through the directory and user profile section. Users can create their profile with an image, name and job title and choose to be either visible or hidden on the app. They can view others that are visible on the app, and even search based on job title or skill type, encouraging collaboration. 

Community search functionalityCommunity directory functionality

Promotions & discounts

Provide in-house promotions and discounts or partner up with local providers, to offer additional value and drive loyalty.

Concierge chat

Tenants can chat with the concierge directly through the app, meaning that they can get the answers they need quickly and efficiently, giving them peace of mind. 

concierge chat


Reinforce your brand through a fully branded app, keeping your brand front and centre of your community’s minds. Fonts, imagery and colours are built around your brand guidelines.


District’s workplace app fits seamlessly into your existing technology suite using our built-in browser to view business applications, connect to your office with a standard set of single sign-on capabilities or interact directly with the platform via its documented API.

District Tech is a leading provider in tenant experience software, offering both plug & play and completely white-labelled apps. Companies including Blackstone, LaSalle, Cushman & Wakefield, Investec and WPP have partnered with District Tech in their efforts to provide what modern tenants and employees desire.

Click here to find out more about upgrading your tenant experience strategy with a digital layer.


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