Meet Calin, District’s new product manager

Calin joined us at the start of the year and has been making waves at District since. Calin stumbled upon District’s website and it caught his eye, and District just so happened to need someone with Calin’s exact drive and skillset! The planets aligned and boom – here we are. So, without further ado, let us introduce our product manager – Calin.

Calin, can you tell us a little bit about your prior experience?

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, I have nevertheless only applied the accumulated knowledge in the various business oriented roles I’ve occupied over the years. I joined the District team as a product manager with a resume that includes: six years in marketing roles, three years in multi-site branch management and one and a half years as a product development manager. The diverse fields I have worked in – banking, telecom, manufacturing and retail – helped me with acquiring a specific skill set that resonated with District’s startup dynamic.

What are your particular areas of interest or skills?

I have always been interested in understanding the potential topology of spaces, and after attending a few courses in globalisation, migration and development at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, I became increasingly drawn to the business side of the topic. As such, my understanding of the real estate solution we are working on here at District is based on both passion and theoretical knowledge.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

A bear in the shape of a man – that’s how my closest friends once described me. Being an avid outdoorsman, I have naturally been drawn to any hiking opportunities I could find. So, hopping hills and mountains is my weekend of choice.

What drew you to District? 

While landing on the District’s website by chance, I was drawn by a few key words related to the company’s activity. My inherent interest in the field of space engagement led me to explore in-depth the message District was sending out and I thought it would be an amazing accomplishment to join such a team. I was fortunate enough to actually click with the guys who interviewed me and I was offered a place in the team.

What are you most excited about in the new role?

I come from a very different background in terms of business philosophy and having the chance to turn to Agile is an exciting experience I am having on daily business. Being part of a startup helps me learn every single minute and by doing so, I drive the development of a great solution that is empowering communities to engage with the architecture of the places they work and live in.

From your experience in product management, what is one of the biggest learnings you’ve gained?

Having previously managed development processes within the Waterfall framework for a national telecom corporation, I have acquired an intimate understanding of the shortcomings of a rigid delivering structure. And after joining District, I came to appreciate the beauty of the team’s nimbleness. Being a startup and having the benefit of a razor-sharp focus on becoming better every single day, I came to appreciate the inherent challenges that are present in the wrong set-up of many corporations out there – such as trying to deliver relevant digital products within the constraints of a wrong framework.

What movie is your favourite guilty pleasure, and why?

I believe I have watched The Day After Tomorrow a few times too many by now. There is something alluring about watching people struggling while dealing with extraordinary natural occurrences. So any movie flick that gets me on a disaster rollercoaster gets a spark in my eyes.


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