5 tips for a successful Launch of a workplace experience platform in the age of coronavirus

Planning a launch event can be an overwhelming task – particularly during this period of time when teams are distributed and working remotely and Covid restrictions mean group gatherings are not possible. Here are our tips for a successful virtual launch event of your workplace experience platform in the age of coronavirus.

Think outside the box

When planning a virtual event, you need to think outside the box to ensure that you get your desired engagement and attendance levels. Think about your community’s interests and plan something entertaining like a live streaming of a comedy act. For something more interactive you could host a virtual quiz or bingo.

Select the right technology and tools

Selecting the right technology and tools is key to a successful launch event. Invest in a video conferencing tool such as Zoom or Google Hangouts and make sure that you have a good quality microphone, camera and Wifi. For registration, you could use a platform such as Eventbrite, allowing you to monitor attendees and provide them with an E-ticket with details on how to join the event.

Create incentives for downloading the app

Of course, the purpose of the launch event is to spread awareness about the new platform and to drive downloads. Creating incentives for downloading the app is a great way to encourage downloads.

You could plan a competition with exciting prizes where to enter users must download the app, or send out giveaways to the first 50 people that download. For ongoing adoption and engagement with the platform, update the app with interesting perks or discounts and send a push notification to notify them of what’s new. Having fresh, engaging content is a key part of driving user adoption.

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Work closely with your customer success team  

When selecting a workplace experience provider, ensure that they have a dedicated customer success team that can support you with your launch event. They will be experienced in supporting launch events and will be able to provide you with advice so that you can get the most out of your launch.

At District, we provide you with a detailed launch playbook with tips and tricks to help you with a successful launch and provide one-to-one weekly support.

“Though we were going into the unknown with the app, we’ve been looked after very well along the way. We’re starting a slow launch now that has been really well received, and we’re excited to have the whole portfolio soon up and running!” 

Heather Manning, Workspace Manager at CEG

Think beyond the launch event

As well as a launch event, it’s critical to create a marketing strategy and then ongoing engagement strategies to keep your community in the know and to drive change management. The platform has huge potential, but like anything new, you need to consider how you will spread the word about this amazing new platform you’re offering to your community. Once you’ve identified that and have allowed time for the platform to bed-in, you can decide key times to track how your measurables are performing. Take initial readings before you launch so that you can determine benchmarks and then check in quarterly to analyse engagement levels.


District Tech is a leading provider of workplace experience software. Connect amenities and services, provide content and news, and create a sense of community for distributed and flexible employees. 

Our packages include our affordable plug & play platform which benefits from our core functionalities and our premium package which offers the ability to white-label and integrate with third-party software. 

To find out more about District Tech get in touch or book a demo.

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