Why now is the right time to launch an employee experience platform

Coronavirus has enforced office workers to work from home and has accelerated the trend in remote working in the long term. Although there are many benefits to working from home, the negatives including feelings of isolation and workplace disconnect. This is why HR Directors should be looking to implement an employee experience platform to engage and connect staff members and to help them feel more connected with their organisation.

What is an employee experience platform?

An employee experience platform (also known as a workplace experience platform) is essentially a digital hub for your organisation and its employees. It is a tool for communication, collaboration and content. District Technologies is an employee experience platform that allows communities to navigate the workplace and stay connected from anywhere. Your community can check in to the building, books desks and meeting rooms, view food and drink services on-site and many other features that optimise your office locations. For those remote days, no problem! The app is also a workplace social network which keeps your workplace community connected. Plus, you can keep them in the loop with relevant news and resources and even ping them push notifications from time-to-time with relevant messaging, from the latest perks or company updates to vital Covid-related safety information about the workplace.

An employee experience platform is more than just an app. With District, you would also benefit from the Insights Explorer, tapping into user engagement and other valuable metrics. Lee Butz, District Technologies CEO, said: “The analytics dashboard gives you insight into your community services meaning that you can constantly monitor, test and iterate to provide the best experience for your workforce.”

The analytics dashboard allows you to track various metrics that not only prove the success of the platform but also engagement levels, from the number of event bookings to article views.


The platform also includes the District Dashboard, which is a content management system for administrators to upload and publish content to the app.

What are the benefits of an employee experience platform?

Employee engagement/satisfaction

Increasing employee engagement and satisfaction is one of the most important factors for many clients that launch a workplace experience platform with us. The platform allows you to engage through various touchpoints including; articles, news, events, services, push notifications, perks and more. Also, through creating better building experiences like seamless door access and mobile desk/space bookings your tenants have a more satisfying experience. As we move forward after lockdown, improving confidence to return to the workplace through increased communication around Covid-19 and specific features like health check-ins will ease employees’ minds around returning to the workplace and increase overall satisfaction.

Increased productivity

A workplace experience platform can increase productivity in employees. Only 13% of employees globally are highly engaged and satisfied with their workplace, and 69% of employees agree that they would work harder if they felt appreciated. This goes to show that a workplace app can increase productivity through the added value it brings to employees through events, perks and ensuring they feel connected.

Employee retention

Leading on from the previous points, another return you may want from your investment is increased retention. A workplace experience platform can ultimately increase retention as a knock-on effect of the above points – increased satisfaction, engagement and productivity. Of course, people may move on for other reasons outside of your control, but employees will be more likely to stay for longer if they’re satisfied and engaged.

Automating tasks and Covid-secure workplaces

An employee experience platform can automate some of your office building’s operations creating a more efficient and streamlined environment for your employees. This includes the ability for employees to book and organise meeting rooms/desks and make payments directly in the app and even mobile building access, meaning employees can enter simply by scanning their phone.

Furthermore, an employee experience app like District offers Covid-secure workplace re-entry features to ensure your employees can return to the office when it is safe to do so. These features include a health check-in, desk bookings and occupancy monitoring. Not only does this help you to provide a Covid-secure workplace, the measures also boost confidence among your workforce, knowing that measures have been put in place to keep them safe.

Go premium for company branding and integrations

As well as the above benefits, District’s premium package makes it possible to integrate with other platforms such as your existing solutions or smart building sensors for the optimal one platform approach. The premium solution takes your brand to the next level with a full white-label service, reinforcing your company’s brand providing a truly immersive branded experience for your employees.

District Technologies is the go-to workplace experience platform that delivers to landlords and companies. A snapshot of some of our clients include; WPP, Investec, CEG, Elmpark Green, Cushman & Wakefield. Book a demo to find out more about our platform.

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