Covid-19 – Why it’s critical to get your workplace communication right and how to do it

Navigating the changing dynamics of the workplace over the pandemic has had its challenges. Covid-19 has accelerated a shift to hybrid working, and it’s fast becoming the new normal. It offers the variety and flexibility that employees desire to be productive and satisfied in their roles, however, the shift to hybrid working has its challenges for landlords and individual companies alike. With teams distributed and tenants more frequently working remotely, building a solid communication plan will be key to engaging and informing your community as we shift into a world of hybrid working.

Strengthening communication channels and engaging your community couldn’t be more prevalent now and as we move into the recovery phase of the pandemic. Clear and engaging communication will help facilitate a smooth transition as well as preparing for the future hybrid workplace in which it will be fundamental to have a digital layer of communications accessible from anywhere.


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Why getting your crisis communication right is so important

Getting your communication right is critical now more than ever. From keeping your community in the know about the latest Covid-19 information to creating a culture in this new hybrid and distributed world, communication is fundamental to success in this shifting landscape.

Businesses are looked upon as a credible source of information

It’s no secret that trust in the government and media has little to be desired. The 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer discovered that businesses were the most trusted institution for information. Trusted ahead of NGOs, government and media. Therefore you must live up to those expectations and deliver reputable information to your workplace community.

Employees want to be kept in the know by their company

Employees want to be kept informed by their employer about not just the impact of the virus on the business directly, but general coronavirus updates too. From being updated on how the organisation is being affected operationally to more generic advice on travel, they expect to be hearing that from their employer.

As a landlord, you want to be staying at the forefront of tenants’ minds

As work is expected to continue to be hybrid, building a communication plan to stay at the forefront of tenants’ minds is key to building long-lasting loyalty. Adding value through informative Covid-related information as well as content to engage and entertain that tenants can access off-site is a great way to add an additional layer to your service in this new hybrid working landscape.

How to communicate updates around Covid-19 to your workplace community

Knowing how to communicate important and serious information like coronavirus updates are essential to ensuring that your workplace community has the pertinent information to stay safe and to ensure they know what that means for how and where they complete their work. It’s also key to building trust and loyalty with your community.

Research thoroughly and go to the source for reliable facts

Before sharing any information that you may have heard through word of mouth or the news, make sure you double-check, research thoroughly and try to find reliable sources from places like your government’s website. It’s extremely important to not share any unreliable information.

Don’t fear monger

There’s always a lot of updates in the media about the virus, select carefully what information to share with your workplace community as you do not want to spread fear and unease. Before sharing information, think about whether it is relevant to your readers. Information that could affect how or where they work for example is important information to share, but regular updates on the lockdown or the daily virus contraction rate are perhaps not as necessary and could cause worry and fear. Be specific Leading on from the last point, be specific in the information you choose to share. Think about your relationship with your workplace community and what they will be expecting from you. Make sure they are in the know about anything that could impact their work, such as informing them on when the office will reopen and what is expected from them in order to enter the building to keep everyone safe.

Consider the channels of communication

Carefully consider your channels of communication. If it’s information that could be a particular cause of concern for people, consider direct communication with that individual than perhaps an article that could spread unnecessary unease. For more generic information, articles and guides will be a good way to share the information with all parties.

Put mental health first

The pandemic has put a strain on many people’s mental health, from loneliness from isolation to fears around the security of their employment and fears over the virus itself. Make sure you are sharing relevant, useful information around mental health and wellbeing and include key contacts where people can reach out for help. Ensure there is a portal for two-way communication so that people can ask questions and get more advice.


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