Digital adoption key to connected, cohesive and collaborative hybrid working communities

Offering the variety and flexibility that’s preferable to most employees, hybrid working is here to stay. Adopting the right technologies to offer services and tools as well as to drive a sense of community and culture in this new hybrid landscape will be key to success.

Lee Butz, CEO & Founder of District Technologies, said: “Hybrid working is here to stay. Covid has forced even the most traditional companies to adopt hybrid working, and hybrid working needs to be managed somehow. This is also where the problem arises. Managing office space is very complex, increasing in complexity with company size.” That’s where we come in. As a workplace experience provider, we pick out the flaws and offer a solution to aid this new way of working to create safe, supportive, accessible and easy to navigate workplaces through one integrated platform.

Workplace technology will facilitate a shift to distributed working. Arup tapped into this trend and proposed that employers may implement “a flexible toolkit of workplace offerings” which would allow employees to understand the facilities at their disposal, giving them the choice on when and where they work.

The report continued to explain how technology such as a workplace experience app could be utilised to create a cohesive workplace environment: “One way of making this possible is the concept of ‘digital concierges’.” The digital concierge is the interconnectivity of clusters of spaces spread over a portfolio of assets, which are governed and accessed through apps or other interactive platforms. This helps make an otherwise discrete group of spaces and environments part of a cohesive whole.”


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3 steps to connected, cohesive offices of the future


Optimising your communication channels and offering engaging and informative content accessible on or off-site will be key to driving an engaged and loyal workplace community.

Workplace technology

The future workplace is no longer one office with four walls. Smart technologies will be key to the future workplace, facilitating
communication, connection and cohesiveness among distributed workforces.


The future workplace is hybrid, and the future office environment needs to be connected and cohesive, with a blend of digital and physical environments.

District’s workplace experience platform optimises the office and engages hybrid working communities

Workplace communities, connected.

The app is also a workplace social network which keeps your workplace community connected, with group chats, member profiles and a community directory. Plus, you can keep them in the loop with relevant news and resources and even ping them push notifications from time-to-time with on-point

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On-site building operations, sorted.

People can check into the building, books desks and meeting rooms, view food and drink services on-site and many other features that optimise your office locations. Plus, with our Covid-secure functionalities, you can invite the workforce back to the
office safely.

Integrate seamlessly and enforce your brand.

With District’s premium package it’s possible to integrate with other platforms such as your existing solutions or smart building sensors for the optimal one platform approach. The premium solution takes your brand to the next level with a full white-label service.


Simply book a demo to find out more about our workplace experience solution.

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