The Best Coworking App: The Ultimate Guide

If you manage a coworking space, you’ve probably considered many different applications and technologies for your coworking community. But finding the right technology for you can be a challenge.
That’s why we’ve created a list of the best coworking apps.
In this post, we’ll talk about the features of the top coworking apps. We’ll also cover the different uses that some of these technologies have to help you identify what it is you need now.


What Is The Reason Behind The Popularity Of Coworking Office Space?

Coworking grew in popularity significantly as an alternative to traditional long lease office space. It’s perfect for startups and freelancers, and for small businesses that require smaller spaces with more flexibility. 

Coworking spaces are also an affordable option for office or desk space in central locations, where a traditional office space would be very costly. 

It’s no lie that coworking spaces were hit hard during the pandemic, the flexibility meant that tenants could leave almost immediately and the demands for social distancing meant that coworking became a difficult option when people were able to return to the office.

But all hope is not lost. As we move into the recovery phase of the pandemic, coworking spaces are seeing a quick revival. Albeit some changes have been required, as have all commercial real estate providers, coworking spaces are becoming increasingly desirable to an even wider net of members, as the need for flexible space rises to facilitate hybrid working.

Now, even corporate companies are taking up coworking spaces and flexible offices as an option for their hybrid working strategies. 

With more and more companies moving to hybrid working, with a huge 82% of company leaders planning to allow employees to work remotely some of the time, the demand for flex space will only continue to increase. So much so that a report by JLL finds that: “30% of all office space will be consumed flexibly by 2030”.

As the JLL report states: “the future of real estate is a spectrum of flexible spaces.” This will range from corporate companies renting out turnkey self-contained workspaces across a range of locations to facilitate a ‘hub and spoke’ workplace model, to remote workers looking for a single hot desk.

How A Coworking Office App Can Be Beneficial For You

With this increase of demand and the diverse requirements for flexible space, the need for coworking software to help with the management of these spaces will be incredibly important.

From utilising technology to help support the operational side of the business to coworking applications that can be used to build a sense of community for your coworking members, there’s a wide range of solutions that can help with the smooth running of your flexible space.

Employee demands now include prioritisation around health and well-being, so investing in a coworking community app for you members where you can offer wellbeing events and resources will give your business a competitive edge.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best coworking apps for your flexible space.

Top 5 coworking apps

The Receptionist

The Receptionist for iPad is an ideal solution for checking in visitors and coworking members. With this app, you can create a completely unique check-in experience based on what type of visitor they are. So whether someone has arrived for a scheduled meeting or a delivery driver is dropping off a delivery, the whole experience is made as seamless as it can be.

When a visitor arrives, a notification is automatically sent to the person they’re meeting with via SMS, Slack, email or even your very own branded community app by District Tech.

In addition to that, key details can be saved so that frequent visitors don’t have to start from scratch every time they arrive.

District Tech's employees working together on the Coworking App for customers

Through automating the whole check-in process, reception staff’s time can be freed up for other tasks.

Not only does this visitor management system mean that you always have real-time data on the occupancy of your building. Unique visitor badges can also be printed with the visitor’s photo and the reason they’re visiting the building – perfect for security and compliance.

This software is particularly crucial for offering a Covid-secure workplace, allowing you to welcome visitors while ensuring that social distancing measures are in place and ensuring you know who is in the building and when so that you can track and trace.



Collecting payments is critical to the smooth running of any business. Stripe is a complete payments platform that facilitates online payments and sending payouts.

With a suite of pre-built integrations and easy-to-use APIs, you can plug the system into your existing software for a simple one platform approach. District Technologies coworking community app has already integrated with Stripe making coworking membership fees simple to access and manage all in one place.

Stripe is the perfect solution for a coworking business as they offer a subscription-based payment model as well as the ability to create and send invoices. As coworking members are usually charged a monthly fee, they can simply sign up for a membership and be charged every month directly through Stripe.

A screenshot of District Tech's Coworking App being used


During the sales cycle, it’s key to have a simple yet effective platform where all contacts can be stored and where prospective members can be interacted with. Hubspot is the leading CRM (customer relationship management) software and is used by many coworking providers. 

The CRM allows many tasks to be automated, such as sales follow-ups, so that opportunities never get missed. With competition in the flexible space market being high, it’s important to stay in front of your prospects and close deals as quickly as possible.

Through Hubspot you get a clear visual of your sales pipeline and can drill down into specifics in the reporting dashboard.

Your sales team can also be notified immediately when a prospect triggers certain actions, such as revisits to your website or opening an email.

Hubspot has the ability to integrate with your existing systems making it easy to streamline your sales and operations. This eliminates the need to duplicate data, meaning that your team has the tools they need to manage members after they sign up.


Eventbrite is an online platform that allows you to publish your own events. With the platform you can also charge for tickets and specify a guest limit. 

Eventbrite is the perfect accompaniment for your flexible workspace as offering events is a key aspect to building a coworking community that your members will love.

Events can be private, and only shared with coworking members, or, you can even offer public events as a way to promote your space. 

Events can be in person or virtual, so you could consider throwing a summer party for your coworking members and offer monthly virtual yoga classes that members can even access from home.

Eventbrite has integrated with District Technologies, meaning that you can offer a seamless coworking experience all through one platform.

District Technologies

District Technologies can provide you with a coworking app that is white-labelled with your very own brand, offering a seamless workplace experience for your coworking members that they can access from anywhere, from their mobile phones. 

The coworking community app allows you to offer experiences and services that drive engagement and loyalty.

District Tech offers a range of features that you can choose from to suit the needs of your workspace.

Users can easily book desks, meeting rooms and conference rooms, network and connect with the community members and tap into virtual concierge services when they need support.

A screenshot of the Coworking App by District Tech being used

They can also browse events and read the latest news that you’ve posted. It’s truly a digital layer to your coworking space, providing the tools that make their workdays easier as well as the sense of community that everyone wants to be a part of in a coworking space.

You can also use the app to improve your building experience, integrating with third-party smart building software to monitor occupancy and control lighting and heating.

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Upgrade your service offering for the world of hybrid working

The shift to hybrid working provides a set of opportunities and threats to coworking providers. 

It’s important to embrace the changing landscape of the world of work and consider what workplace tools, services and amenities you can implement to provide a solution that’s fit for the world of hybrid working. 

Workers ultimately want flexibility and choice and businesses are now stepping up to meet this demand. As the world moves into the recovery phase of the pandemic, the need for a flexible workspace is anticipated to rise as larger corporations seek flexible options.

With flexible space meaning that tenants can quickly move on if they’re not satisfied, coworking providers must think past purely space for rent and provide a holistic platform of services and amenities to engage coworking members and drive long-lasting loyalty.

Having a competitive edge will be key to attracting and retaining coworking members, so offering a digital hub at their fingertips that gives them a whole set of tools and services will put your leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Plus, with the added considerations of workplace safety, coworking spaces will need to be Covid-secure and effectively managed.

With District Technologies you can build a digital layer to your coworking space with services and events accessible through the app, from anywhere. Plus, with our Covid-secure features, your members will feel safe and confident to return.

Multiple locations can also be managed through the platform, with different sites accessible to only the members who go there. So if you have multiple locations around the world, from New York City to Hong Kong, you can offer the same high-quality experience across all locations.

Admin users can easily schedule and post new content to the platform across multiple sites.  From news, events and push notifications, the content management system is user friendly so that it’s easy for you to keep updated with fresh content in-house with no technical knowledge required. Leave District Technologies’ technical team to the techy stuff, they make sure the app is constantly updated meaning you don’t need to worry about the software itself.