The 6 Benefits of an Employee Wellbeing Platform

How do you know if your employees are healthy, happy and engaged?

If the answer is “we don’t, but we should,” then a wellbeing platform may be right for you.

Third-party Employee Wellbeing Platforms help organizations understand the health and wellbeing of their workforce, so they can identify trends and risks.

In this post, we’ll explain what a wellbeing platform does, why it’s so important and how to choose the right one for your needs.


Connect hybrid teams

Companies with engaged teams are 21% more profitable. Yet only 15% of employees engaged at work. This highlights the importance of focusing on driving engagement in the workplace to drive more successful businesses.

A key benefit to an employee wellbeing platform is the ability to engage hybrid and remote working employees. If your employees are not always based on-site, it’s important to put measures in place to ensure that they feel connected.

Remote workers are at risk of feeling isolated and disconnected, which can lead to presenteeism, absenteeism and even employee turnover. This is why it’s important to think of ways that you can bring a sense of community into remote workers’ lives. 

Community and wellbeing is one of the four pillars of employee engagement, it’s an extremely important part of driving happy, productive and engaged employees. 

If some of your team are working remotely, offering an employee experience app is an ideal solution to be able to build a sense of workplace culture.

The platform can be used as a digital layer to the workplace, offering community events and wellbeing resources that employees can tap into from anywhere.

Improve office utilisation

By transforming digitally, offices can become far more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable to be in. With a workplace experience application like District Technologies, you can integrate seamlessly with smart building tech to provide not just an employee experience hub but a smart workplace that drives efficiencies. 

From mobile building access to occupancy monitoring and heat/light controls, integrating your employee wellbeing platform with smart building solutions allows you to improve the experience in the office building and become more sustainable.

Designing a workplace with sustainability in mind is not just good for the planet, improved air quality and reducing pollutants increases employee productivity and reduce costs. Having more office plants is even said to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

A screenshot of the District Tech Employee Wellbeing Platform in use by a customer

Improve employee experiences with our Employee Wellbeing Software

Employee wellbeing software lets you drastically improve experiences, driving increased engagement and employee satisfaction. You can add events, content and perks that resonate with your employees, from yoga classes to online webinars.
With the shift to hybrid working, companies need to think outside the box to encourage bonds and relationships to form even when teams are distributed. This is where corporate employee wellness software comes into play. It acts as a digital layer to the workplace and offers a place for connection and communication wherever employees are based.
Another key aspect of employee experience is mental health. More often than not, corporate wellness mental health often gets overlooked. The impact of this means a lack of productivity, low job satisfaction and over 100 million workdays lost a year in the UK alone.
In addition to that, if you’ve made the shift to hybrid working, adapting your mental health and wellbeing support for employees is another key aspect to consider to ensure you’re providing the support your workforce needs while they’re remote and distributed.
This is where an employee wellbeing platform can help. It makes accessing mental health resources far easier. You can utilise the guide section to include mental health information and share relevant articles on a regular basis. You can also plan a calendar of wellbeing events that employees can join in the app.


Improve employee services

A workplace wellbeing platform allows you to offer an array of services to your employees that they can access in the app. Building amenities can be accessed on the platform, including restaurants, cafes and bars where employees can check out what’s on the menu. Meeting rooms and desks can also be easily booked and managed in the app.
In addition to that, there are services to enjoy that can be accessed by remote employees, including the virtual concierge service and discounts.
Providing excellent workplace amenities and making the workplace as seamless as possible is critical to employee engagement. It’s even believed that the right workplace amenities can benefit the health and happiness of employees too.

A District Tech employee using and testing the Employee Wellbeing Software
Understand your employees

Each company and their employees are unique, and therefore each Corporate Wellness Software needs to be bespoke to each company’s needs.

But how can you possibly begin to give employees exactly what they want without understanding their needs? Employee wellness and employee experience can be drastically improved if you build a data-led engagement strategy. 

Workplace employee wellness software offers an analytics platform that provides actionable insights based on employees’ behaviours, interests and engagement levels.

By tapping into employee engagement metrics, you can iterate your corporate wellbeing strategy to deliver what your employees truly want.

In addition to that, you can ask for feedback and conduct surveys directly in the app, asking employees to fill in a simple questionnaire to find out how they have found a certain aspect of your wellbeing strategy. This is another excellent way to get to grips with what your employees want.

Getting started with your own Employee Wellbeing Platform

District Technologies is here to help you every step of the way. Our platform is catered to the needs of employees and is the perfect base to showcase your wellbeing program. Let’s run through our main features you can benefit from first, then we’ll take you through how to start the onboarding process.