The four pillars of an employee experience platform

If you’re considering investing in an employee experience platform, it’s important to understand the four key elements. This article helps you to identify what you need to consider and the benefits that a platform like this can provide for your company.

Community and wellbeing

In the workplace, or indeed any community, people want to feel like they belong. At work, people desire to feel valued and to have a clear purpose.

Through spending time with one another, close bonds can be built among colleagues creating friendships that drive investment in each other and the company. This is where face-to-face interaction becomes key, which sadly due to the pandemic has been decreased. 

However, all is not lost. People are enjoying the increased flexibility that hybrid working offers and many companies plan to continue with their hybrid working strategies moving forward. 

This shift means that companies need to think outside the box to encourage bonds and relationships to form even when teams are distributed. This is where employee experience platforms come into play.

Employee experience software acts as a digital layer to the workplace and offers a place for connection and communication wherever employees are based. Employees can search and connect with fellow staff and catch up on the latest company news and join virtual events and tap into exclusive employee perks. 

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Services and amenities

From on-site smart building tools such as mobile door access to desk or meeting room bookings – an employee experience platform streamlines the interaction with the workplace. It can include access to any amenities on-site such as restaurants or cafes allowing employees to browse, book, pay and collect their items. Services and amenities within an employee experience app can also extend to remote employees, allowing employees to access resources and guides from anywhere as well as virtual assistance.

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Branding and integrations

Reinforcing your brand and building the platform to your bespoke needs is the next essential element of a successful employee experience management software. Each company and their employees are unique and will need to be customised to each company’s needs. In addition to that, personalising the platform to fit with your unique company branding will help to keep consistency across your channels and allows you to reinforce your brand message. Many employee experience software tools will have the capability to integrate with your existing software, as well as integrate with your chosen third party smart building and HR technologies to suit your requirements.

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Measure and improve

The final but equally important element of employee experience management tools is the ability to measure and improve. Without insights, you can only understand so much about your employees. With an employee experience management dashboard, you can track and measure engagement levels on the platform empowering you with data-driven insights to be able to make improvements to your engagement strategy. This cuts out the guesswork meaning that you can spend time on what employees need and want.

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