Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the Plug&Play version and the fully branded version?

The Plug&Play package is an affordable option that gives you access to the core features of the platform with limited access to one location or building. This is perfect for smaller companies or companies wanting to test out the platform and the basic functionalities before a bigger roll out. The Plug & Play app is District branded, and your users will download District from their app stores. The fully branded version gives you access to all of the core functionalities as well as the ability to have multiple locations and company branding. Your users will download your company app from their app store. You can also customise the platform to your bespoke needs with custom integrations. Check out our packages page for further information.

What is the timeline of integrating your app into our company?

This really depends on what package you choose. If you choose the Plug and Play package you can be up and running within just a couple of weeks. If you choose our fully branded option the timeline can be anywhere between two months to six months depending on any additional custom integrations etc.

How quickly can you scale for larger projects?

If your project requires several custom integrations it can take a few months for us to get that built for you, but it really depends on the complexity of the integration. If you’re rolling out to many buildings, we can also discuss with you what the best plan of action could be for a speedy and efficient roll-out – from implementing a soft launch to begin with or alternatively going live to all buildings at once. We recommend booking a demo where we can give you a better idea of timelines based on your specific needs.

How much can we customise the app?

It depends which package you decide to go with. The plug&play app has limited ability to personalise with your company branding but you can have your company name and logo on the homepage. You will not be able to customise fonts and text colours and custom integrations will not be available. If you’re interested in fully customising the platform then the fully branded package will be for you, offering your very own branded app in the app store as well as fonts and branding to match your brand.

How does the app get installed?

There is a detailed onboarding and launch plan with best tips and tricks on launching the platform. Once the platform is set up to your spec, we will work with you on a user adoption strategy to encourage your community to download the app onto their smartphones. The app is free of charge for users to download and ready to be used from the day of launch.


What is your pricing structure?

Our pricing works on a SaaS basis with an initial set-up fee and an annual recurring fee. Prices vary based on the total amount of square footage and/or number of users. Additional fees are charged for integrations or bespoke developments. Simply book a demo for an accurate quote for your specifications.

How long is the contract?

The contract is annual and will automatically renew unless notice is given.

Is the app free to download?

As the client, you pay for the technology. The app is free to download for users. However, it’s at your discretion if you choose to build in an additional charge (in rent per sq.ft. for example) to accommodate the cost.

Can I charge my tenants for offering the app?

Whether you want to add it as an additional bonus or whether you want to increase rental fees marginally to accommodate the cost of the platform is up to you. When launched correctly, the platform should pay for itself, in the sense that it increases satisfaction and therefore decreases churn.

How can I monetise events using your app?

Your administrative team can easily create events in the content management dashboard and can decide on a suitable cost (if any) for each event. Chargeable events have to be paid for by users in order for them to join. You can track the number of orders and total revenue through District’s analytics dashboard the Insights Explorer, as well as track other subscriptions, payments and invoices.

Locations & Languages

What countries is the platform available in?

The platform is available worldwide.

Does your platform support multi-locations?

Yes. The fully branded package supports multi-locations, so you can have multiple campuses, centres or offices all managed through one platform.

Does your platform support multi-locations?

Yes. The fully branded package supports multi-locations, so you can have multiple campuses, centres or offices all managed through one platform.

What languages is your app available in?

The platform is available in English and can be made available in several other European languages upon request. If you’re interested in having the platform available in a European language or in multi-languages, please book a demo to discuss further.

Customer Success

What levels of support and training do you offer?

When signing up with District you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager that will guide you through the initial onboarding process through to the ongoing success of the platform. Throughout the initial onboarding you will have a weekly call with the CS Manager. Once you are happy with the engagement levels post-launch you can choose to have monthly meetings instead. The dashboard has a chatbox where your admin users can message our team 24/7 and they will respond by the next working day latest if not immediately. You can also learn about the platform from the Knowledge Base which has detailed tutorials, screenshots and videos showing how the product works.

Is extra support available if we need it?

Yes, we have a range of add-on support packages if you want bespoke training packages or additional support on top of what’s included. Check out our packages page for further details.

What current clients are you working with?

We’re working with a number of global brands, investment management companies and smaller individual business centres including Elmpark green, CEG, WPP, Cushman & Wakefield, Juberi and BDG.

ROI & Insights

How will your app improve experiences for our users?

The platform improves experiences by providing services, amenities, resources and content that’s useful to the user, thus making their interactions more seamless and efficient. This drives a much better user experience, creating higher levels of satisfaction.

Are there benefits to the app for remote users?

Absolutely. Users can tap into the app from anywhere and access relevant resources, news, events and services.

Does your platform track engagement?

Yes, the Insights Explorer which is included in your package when you sign up allows you to track a number of engagement metrics such as likes, views and average times.

What metrics does your analytics platform measure?

With the Insights Explorer you will be able to see an overview of the engagement metrics as well as drill down into specific features to really identify how your community is using the platform. The Insights Explorer is an open platform, meaning you can build a rich data-set through cooperatively sharing data with other sources.

How does your platform help my company reduce roadblocks?

Our platform allows your users to engage and navigate through the digital world. The analytics dashboard, for example, allows office managers to see which events are popular and can intervene accordingly.

What’s the ROI of the platform?

Determining ROI can be the single most important aspect for decision-makers when deciding on whether to implement a workplace experience platform. We advise decision-makers to take a holistic view on analysing the return on investment, as it can be quite hard to fully quantify. This is because there are many benefits to the platform, like tenant/employee engagement and satisfaction that can be hard to quantify – but no less are an important part. Please read our e-guide on measuring ROI for a full breakdown on the types of return on investment.


Can we integrate with our existing systems?

Yes you can. District’s APIs are published meaning that we can integrate with almost any system. Our system is interoperable, so you can combine data-sets for a truly rich and integrated analysis.

Can custom integrations be implemented and for what price?

Yes, they can be implemented. With District you get the benefit of an off the shelf product and an innovation agency. The price for custom development work depends on the functionality or integration and will be scoped in a separate Statement of Work.

Which systems have you previously integrated with?

We have integrated with several smart technologies to date including: HID, Inspiring Benefits, OKTAR, Eventbrite, Ticketer and Nexudus. We are also able to offer custom integrations, so if you have something in mind just let us know.

Which sensors does your app use?

We currently work with HID for mobile access and can partner up with other smart technology companies to fulfil your requirements.

Data & Legal

What happens to users' data? Where is it stored and who owns it?

District platforms are fully cloud based and stored on Amazon Web Services. Our clients 100% own their own data and we are fully GDPR compliant.

Are there any legal considerations my company has to consider when signing up with District?

No we will walk through our standard T&Cs and you can ask any questions during a discovery call with us.

Are you fully GDPR compliant?

Yes we are fully compliant with all GDPR regulations.

Can you provide data on past usage of your platform with existing clients?

We have very strong engagement across our clients apps, depending on the exact use case this will vary from client to client. We are very happy to share case studies and best practices when you start working with us. Please schedule a discovery call to find out more.

Book a demo.

Schedule a time for us to give you a full demo and to discuss your requirements – from functionalities to integrations.