How to drive user adoption on a workplace experience app

Having fresh, engaging content is a key part of driving user adoption of your workplace experience app. We’ve put together some content ideas for the platform for keeping your workplace community engaged and to drive adoption.

Articles & news 

Workplace-related Covid updates

Let’s start with one of the most important things you should be keeping your workplace community informed about – Covid updates. From keeping them in the loop about the latest government guidelines to informing them about office closures/reopenings make sure utilise the platform as the go-to place for all Covid-related news that your community needs to know about.

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Health & wellbeing tips and advice

More often than not, mental health and wellbeing support in the workplace gets overlooked. The impact of this means a lack of productivity, low job satisfaction and over 80 million work days lost a year in the UK alone. Especially now, providing mental health and wellbeing tips and advice for employees or tenants in the workplace is more prevalent than ever due to the impact of Covid-19 and the effects this has had on people’s mental health. Content could include how to access mental health support while working from home, a guide to the benefits of meditation and tips for working remotely.

Industry-relevant content

Think about what interests your workplace community and create content around those interests. If it’s gauged towards employees it could be related to the industry you’re in, or for tenants, it could be small business tips and news.

Discounts & perks

Who knew it – people LOVE freebies and discounts. Refresh the app with new perks regularly to keep your workplace community engaged and to drive user adoption. Make partnerships with relevant businesses to offer discounts that are relevant to them, such as office/homewares and refreshments like a free takeaway coffee once a month from a nearby cafe.


Creating a calendar of events for your platform sounds easier said than done. Where do you start and what types of events should you be doing? Again, this will come down to the relevance with your audience, but there are some more general events that we would recommend to get you started. To engage as many people as possible, try not to go too niche to begin with. We recommend having an equal share of fitness & wellbeing events, training or educational events and then less regularly, social events. For example; You could host a weekly yoga class, a weekly industry-specific webinar and a quarterly social meet up. 

Fitness/wellbeing events

Who doesn’t love a spot of yoga or meditation from time to time? Offering your community a range of fitness and wellbeing events will drive loyalty and keep them engaged. You could host them in person on-site or you could do them virtually from anywhere, ensuring remote teams can still take part. Other fitness and wellbeing events could include; dance classes, reflexology, park runs, cooking classes and stress management classes.

Educational/training events

Get your community inspired by offering educational events or group training sessions. You could offer a leadership training course, team building sessions, small business tips and tricks and so on. You could even get a motivational speaker in to really stir up some excitement!

Social events

What would an event calendar be without any social events! It’s hard to deny that people love to attend a social event, a chance to let their hair down and socialise with fellow employees or occupiers in the building. This year, it looks like social events are likely to remain virtual. Get creative with your virtual events to ensure engagement – from competitions to live music, comedy or a quiz. 


So we’ve covered the different types of content on the app, but something else to consider to drive user adoption is to have content that is exclusive to the app, and let your community know that they’ll need to download or head back to the app to check it out. A great example of this is launching a new partnership discount or giveaway that is only redeemable through the app. You could put up posters and send out an email to get the attention of those that haven’t yet downloaded the app and let them know that they will need to download it to benefit from the discount. Another great way to increase adoption is to have exclusive events in the app, the kind of events that everyone wants to go to, like the Christmas party. (Albeit this year they may be virtual!)

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The insights Explorer

District’s Insights Explorer gives you insight into how your community is engaging with the app. You can review the number of article views, number of event attendees, the engagement levels with discounts and much more to really understand what’s working well and what isn’t. You can use these insights to constantly review and iterate your content to ensure you’re providing users with what they want and therefore increase user adoption.

District Technologies is the go-to workplace experience platform that delivers to landlords and companies. A snapshot of some of our clients include; WPP, Investec, CEG, Elmpark Green, Cushman & Wakefield. Book a demo to find out more about our platform.

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