Meet Ethan, District’s new QA tester

Ethan is the newest member of the team. This is Ethan’s first job and we’re absolutely delighted that he chose to start his career with District!

A career in technology is something Ethan always wanted to do, and computers and tech have always been a big part of his life (our very own lead developer is Ethan’s stepdad). Ethan has an eye for spotting issues and bugs in the development phase and is helping District to deliver quality tech that has been tested with a fine-tooth comb.

Read on to Discover more about our newest team member!

Ethan, can you tell us a little bit about your prior experience?

This is literally my first job but for years I’ve been a gamer. From testing new games to working on servers, I’ve always been involved on the more technical side of online gaming so I’m really just using my life skills and what I’m interested in to start my career.

What are your particular areas of interest or skills?

I’ve been brought up with computers, they’ve been a big part of my life, and one thing that’s always fascinated me is finding glitches in games and exploiting them. Obviously for the creators of the game it’s not great, but it has made me understand the importance of shipping a well-tested product.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

See above! I spend a lot of time like most people my age playing video games and listening to music. My mum told me this will only last for a short time, but I’m convinced it’s a hobby for a lifetime! I love the fact that I have met friends from all around the world.

What drew you to District? 

My stepdad is the lead developer. He’s always talked to me about the company and product and how he thought I’d make a good tester and a career in technology is something I’ve always wanted. I’d be a fool not to take the opportunity. I’m still learning about the industry but the idea of being involved in a product that may shape future cities is pretty cool.

What are you most excited about in the new role?

Despite not being a huge fan of social interaction (It goes with the gamer territory!) I’m excited about being able to work with the team and getting to know them so far. Everyone’s been very friendly!

From your educational background and your time with us so far, what are some of the biggest learnings you’ve gained?

Before I came to District I attended several I.T. courses designed to give me skills that would suit an office environment such as spreadsheets, presentations and documentation. I’ve found these to be very useful so far whilst getting organised for quality assessment. District’s taught me that being a QA tester is pretty important. Being able to understand the value of the role to every aspect of the product delivery process makes me feel valued as a team member and a cog in the District machine. I think it will also help me become a better developer in the future, if that’s what I end up doing.

What movie is your favourite guilty pleasure, and why?

I don’t really watch movies but I have to admit I do like watching anime like Kengan Ashura or One Piece.


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